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Do you want to study entrepreneurship?

You can join one of the entrepreneurship programs affiliated with Startup and Running. Make sure you register at the institution offering the program.
Examples of entrepreneurship programs:

Looking for others to start a business with?

On Startup and Running you can find co-founders. Three easy steps:

  1. Register as founder and sign up for "Co-founder matching"
  2. Create your startup (can be just a rough idea, or indicate that you want to explore ideas with others)
  3. Invite potential co-founders

Already founded a startup?

Two easy steps to get exposure among potential customers, investors, employees (you can create a job post) and startup lovers!

  1. Register as startup founder
  2. Create a profile for your startup

Looking for a mentor?

Startup and Running offers a matching tool for entrepreneurs and startup mentors. This is how it works:

  1. Register as startup founder
  2. Create a profile for your startup
  3. Send mentor requests to the mentors of your choice
  4. Wait and see who accepts your request

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